VADOSE helps people avoid regulatory compliance issues!

VADOSE (vey-dohs…meaning “unsaturated with respect to water; found or located above the water table”) is an established name in environmental consulting. Established in 1988, VADOSE brings a history of broad spectrum experience focusing on creative solutions to customers at risk of assuming environmental liabilities or those with pre-existing environmental compliance issues.

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“Your problem” becomes “our problem” as we seek cost-conscious, innovative and responsible solutions to your individual situation.

–William L. Ullom III, President and Founder

We work hard to build trust, and we’ll work even harder to keep it!

“VADOSE understands the needs of my clients, lenders and regulators alike”.

Managing Partner, Law Firm, Ohio

VADOSE found a way for me to acquire my business and minimize the environmental liability.”

Manufacturer, Northeast Ohio

“VADOSE helped me avoid future problems and found cost-effective solutions that minimized our future risks…”

Real-estate Holding Company, Midwest USA

“VADOSE identified the key issues early, took a risk-based approach, avoided EPA oversight and kept the environmental ship on course.”

Commercial Real Estate Developer, Pennsylvania