Q.  Which of the building materials shown at the right may contain asbestos?

A.  ALL OF THEM!  What’s more, these pictures don’t begin to offer a complete representation of the universe of building materials and equipment components that may contain asbestos.

If you have experience with buildings constructed prior to 1981, or buildings in which imported construction materials were used at any time, the word “asbestos” causes concern for prospective purchasers and building owners alike.  We’ve all heard “horror stories” about the cost of asbestos abatements, some of which were true. Any abatement impacts the value proposition of the project.

Asbestos Fact:  Asbestos is the name given to a class of naturally-occurring silicate minerals that form fiberous “cleavage fragments” when they are crushed.  The fibers resulting from processing respective minerals have characteristics that made them useful since the late 1800s in binding, reinforcing, and fire-resistent applications, to name a few.

Asbestos Fiction: “Asbestos must be removed when found”.  The truth is, most asbestos-containing materials can be left in place for virtually all cases.  In some cases, removal (abatement) can pose even greater risk to human health than leaving the asbestos in place.

Asbestos Fact:  Even limited exposure to asbestos fibers in the air we breathe has been shown to correlate with increased risk of lung disease, including cancers.  For this reason, risk-based standards have been published, resulting in OSHA regulations governing occupational exposure to asbestos.  These regulations, promulgated in 29 CFR Part 1910.1001, not only promote employee protection against asbestos hazards, but also provide building owners a means to manage asbestos in place.

The Solution:  By offering a series of compliance plans and an operations platform for building owners, VADOSE offers a cost-conscious alternative to asbestos abatement for building owners and purchasers to not only comply with OSHA regulations governing occupational exposure to asbestos, but find increased value in real estate having an “asbestos stigma”.

When asbestos is an issue in pending real estate transactions, the VADOSE solution not only finds a risk-based path supported by Federal regulations to facilitate closing the deal, but also helps maintain a safe work environment for those in proximity to asbestos-containing materials.

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