William L. Ullom
William L. UllomFounder and President
Bill Ullom is President of Vadose Environmental Consultants in Akron, Ohio, helping people across the Nation avoid problems with EPA for 30 years. His is also Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Vadxx Energy of Cleveland, Ohio, benefiting the environment by converting non-recyclable plastic waste into renewable energy and petrochemical products from renewable and plentiful sources. Bill is one part scientist, one part businessman, one part inventor and two parts entrepreneur, understanding the needs of industry, purchasers and owners of real estate, commercial lenders, attorneys and regulatory agencies. Author and co-author of relevant ASTM Standards, Bill was a pioneer in modern methods of soil vapor monitoring, allowing Vadose to become a leader in vapor intrusion identification and corrective action. Under Bill’s direction, Vadose Environmental is set apart by seeking simple, novel and creative solutions to environmental challenges, creating value at every opportunity.

Bill can be reached at (330) 762-6706 or via email at wullom@vadose.com.