In 1988, Bill Ullom founded a professional environmental consulting firm that would, over a 30 year history, prosper in the face of a regional declining manufacturing economy, unfavorable change in the environmental regulatory landscape, the financial crisis of 2007-2008 and the resulting Great Recession.

In the beginning, VADOSE offered expertise new to the region, including soil gas monitoring as a screening tool to increase efficiency and lower the cost of Phase II Environmental Site Assessments.  Upon 1992 ASTM publication of its new soil gas monitoring standard, a peer-reviewed work authored by Mr. Ullom, soil gas monitoring pursuant to standard practice has become an intergral part of real estate environmental site assessment and remains a required technology in RCRA closure plans.

Foundation for VADOSE Success.  Businesses are successful for a reason, not by chance. Since the beginning, our priorities equal Client priorities: listen to what the Client wants, understand regulatory and market realities, be on time, remain in budget.  Do things behind the scenes that maximize value to the Client: constantly be on the look-out for alternatives that minimize Client risk but offer opportunity for Client reward, be insightful, remain flexible.  Know the pitfalls, tell the truth, and walk their walk.

“Good Judgement Comes from Experience.” A small bit of wisdom learned from an investment banker, goes a long way.  Unlike many firms where overhead is the primary control upon the quality of service, VADOSE does not entrust employees with 3-5 years or less in a project decision-making role.  VADOSE professionals enjoy an average of nearly 35 years in professional practice, working with Clients, learning from experience, building insight.  That experience gives VADOSE a knowledge base of industrial processes, materials, historical waste handling practices and human nature that is leveraged to the benefit of VADOSE Clients.

The Best Predictor of Future Behavior is Past Behavior.  Every business wants something VADOSE has: a Client base that calls VADOSE again and again as the need arises.  VADOSE Clients enjoy the benefit of a consulting resource they can trust, just like the last time we worked together.  VADOSE has worked hard to build their trust, and we’ll work even harder to keep it!  In these times where so many services have been commoditized, would any other way make any sense?